Why pictures not loading on Viber

Even in the most reliable apps, you can sometimes encounter very annoying bugs. These are not only due to a faulty internal code structure. It can be caused by factors such as application settings, hardware power, connection quality, etc. This article will cover the problem of not being able to open a photo on Viber.

Why I can’t open photos on Viber

Pictures not shown, this problem can be caused by a variety of reasons, each of which we will consider in detail and also try to find methods of elimination of such errors. Do not doubt that very soon you will be able to enjoy the visual pleasure of viewing digital content unhindered.

Slow internet

Most often, photos do not open in Viber because of unstable internet connection.

It is necessary to make sure that the speed of incoming traffic is all right, to do this, activate flight mode for 10-15 seconds, and then disable the function.

If after the performed actions, Viber still does not load a photo, it is necessary to contact the Internet service provider. It is possible that the reason for the error is due to technical problems.

Access restriction

In this case, the lack of free space has nothing to do. The problem may be caused by a security restrictions on this device.

If during the installation you tap on “Deny” when asking for permission, later on the application will not even be able to save the cache to the internal memory.

Such security questions may pop up the first time you start the messenger. However, it is possible to give access to an already installed program. How to remove restrictions:

  • go to Settings and scroll down to the applications,
  • select Viber,
  • now allow Viber to access selected or all photos.

Why pictures not loading on Viber

Next, you need to check whether the app opens photos and whether they are loaded. If the problem persists, then the cause lies in something else.

File name and location

Sometimes the described difficulties are related to the name of the photo. Developers allow you to send photos with names in Latin characters only. If the name of the file contains other symbols, there will be errors and photos will not be sent.

Try the following steps:

  • go back to the gallery and look for the “problem” image,
  • open the menu and tap on the icon of editing,
  • change the name according to the above rules,
  • save the changes and try again.

There are several other reasons why photos may not be sent in the messenger.

Outdated version of Viber

If you get the error that this photo is unavailable, then check if an application update has been released. The newer version of the program can affect the stability of its work. Here’s how to update Viber:

  • visit the app store,
  • search for Viber there,
  • tap on the Update button, if available,
  • wait for the current version of Viber to download.

Why pictures not loading on Viber

If there is no update button, it means that the latest version is being used.

Malfunctions on servers

Viber is a stable and reliable data exchange system. However, there is still a possibility of unforeseen failures in its operation.

There have been cases in the past when servers were down for several hours. Because of such crashes, the messenger client applications were unable to connect to the system. Of course, the pictures sent in such a situation could not open.

If you ever encounter the situation described above, wait until the service is restored to work.


It happens that a factory reset deletes Viber along with all your media data.

The messenger backup does not save files unless you specify this beforehand.

Where you can specify this:

  • on the home screen of the messenger click “More”,
  • open “Settings”;
  • go to “Account”;
  • open the “Viber Backup” section,
  • set “Auto Backup” to Daily, Weekly or Monthly,
  • flip the “Include Photos” and “Include Videos” switches.

Why pictures not loading on Viber

Not enough memory

If the memory of the device is completely full, the application will have no place to save the pictures:

  • tap on “More” and go to the “Settings”,
  • open the “Media” section,
  • under “Keep Media” select a period of time after which all media files will be automatically deleted to free up some space.

Why pictures not loading on Viber

Ways to solve issues with photos on Viber

So, if you can’t send or receive a photo on Viber, you need to:

  • update the application,
  • make sure that the file name does not contain non-Latin characters,
  • check your Internet connection,
  • reboot the device,
  • check if your contact is not blacklisted,
  • go to the settings and allow the automatic download of media files via the mobile Internet,
  • clear the cache,
  • reinstall the program.

You can also always contact support if nothing else helps.

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