Viber for Windows XP

Viber for Windows XP Viber is a free application for making calls and sending messages to other users of the program. However, every year the company has constantly improved the messenger, and now it not only contains a large number of useful features, but it is also adapted for many operating systems. Computers running on the Windows XP platform are no exception.


The main functions and features that will become available to you after you install the program:

  • sending messages to any users;
  • free audio and video calls;
  • lots of colorful emojis and stickers that you can insert into your messages;
  • video conferences;
  • groups and communities with an unlimited number of participants;
  • synchronization of the correspondence history and contacts with other devices;
  • paid feature Viber Out, which allows you to communicate with people who do not have Viber – call and correspond at affordable rates, both abroad and within the country.

Since Windows XP is already considered outdated, it is not possible to download the latest versions of the program Viber, so some functions may be missing, such as sending voice messages.

System requirements

Before downloading messenger, familiarize yourself with the system requirements of the program. What technical specifications must be met when installing Viber:

  • Windows version – Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11;
  • 512 MB of RAM;
  • free disk space – 250 MB;
  • Internet connection.

Download Viber for Windows XP

The latest version of Viber for Windows XP is, you can download it from the table.

ApplicationOSVersionRelease dateFile sizeDownload
Viber PortableWindows XP6.0.1.529-04-201672.33 MB Download
Viber PortableWindows XP5.0.1.4229-11-201543.52 MB Download

Application installation

It only takes a couple of minutes to install the program. It is not complicated, it is done automatically and contains a few steps:

  • Go to the folder with the downloaded file.
  • Double-click to run the installation file.
  • An installation window will appear.
  • Check the box at the bottom and thus agree to the license terms, then press “Install”.

After that you will be able to observe the installation process in its percentage display. When it says 100% on the installation wizard, it means that the program is successfully installed. There is no need to restart your computer, you can immediately launch the application and activate your account to synchronize with your phone.

Authorization and start of use

When the installation is complete, you only need to log in to your account and you can get to work. After completing the installation, follow these steps to authorize:

  • Run the application shortcut.
  • On the welcoming page, click “Continue”.
  • The next window will ask you “Do you have Viber on your phone?”, answer “Yes”.
  • Next, you will need to select the country and enter the cell phone number associated with Viber.
  • After confirming the phone number, there will be a QR-code on the computer screen, which should be scanned with a phone camera until there will be a message or an icon in the form of a green tick on the phone screen about the successful pairing of the devices.
  • The screen on your computer will refresh and you will see the standard Viber menu and all the settings of your account – contacts, profile data, chats.

Synchronization of the correspondence history will be performed on your computer from the first day of the application. If necessary, you can cancel the synchronization in the settings.

Using Viber on your computer is as convenient as on your phone. You will not see anything new for yourself, its work – calls and messages, will be made in the same order. However, it is important to understand that the computer will be considered an additional device, and the phone the main one. It is with the main device that the application is configured.

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