Contacting Viber tech support

Viber is one of the world’s most popular messengers, which can be used to send messages, make video calls, share images, documents and other files, as well as to shop online. Viber is used by about a billion people worldwide.

While using the messenger, all kinds of problems can arise – you can’t save data, connect a feature, or anything else. For such situations, Viber support service (helpdesk) is created – the company’s employees will answer your questions and help you find the cause of the problems.

About Viber Support

For most users, it’s easy to understand how the Viber program works on a mobile device or computer. The service has a simple and straightforward interface, and its features are regularly updated and improved. However, in some situations, certain functions are not available or work incorrectly, and errors can also occur on your phone or PC.

Most of the problems can be solved by yourself without spending a lot of time. If this is not possible and you need assistance, please contact the company’s specialists.

When contacting the technical support of Viber, you need to fill out a special form and enter your personal data, as well as describe the nature of the problem. This service is completely free and can be accessed from any device without installing additional programs.

Viber helpdesk works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service has many sections, depending on the type of problem. To find the right section, start typing your question and the system will automatically give you similar topics.

How to ask for help

Before sending a request to technical support, formulate your question and think about what you want to know. The form for filling in is located on the Viber page, which can be accessed both from a mobile device and a computer.

From computer.

To contact a specialist, go to the official Viber support page: To submit a request:

  • Fill out the form with your Viber number (without zeros at the beginning), country and subject of the request.
  • Describe the problem in detail, if necessary, you can attach a screenshot.
  • Click Submit Ticket.
Contacting Viber tech support
Contacting Support from Viber Desktop

To change the language, click the corresponding button in the upper right corner on the support page. Viber support is currently available in English, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian only.

From the phone

You can ask for help from your mobile device to the Viber support team in the following way:

  • Launch Viber.
  • Go to “More”.
  • Select “About and FAQ”.
  • Tap on “Support”.
Contacting Viber tech support
Contacting support from mobile Viber

After that you will find yourself in the technical support section of There you can search for an answer to your question among the ready-made answers or ask a question directly to the experts – to do this, click “Support” again at the very bottom of the page.

Can I call technical support

Messenger is set up in such a way that you can get help from a specialist only through the contact form. Therefore, you can’t:

  • call the hotline,
  • send a voice message,
  • send an email.

Once again: you cannot call technical support. All questions – only through a special form.

How long to wait for an answer

The answer from support comes to the email address you provide on the form. If the message doesn’t appear in your Inbox, check your spam folder as well.

You can contact the support team at any time of the day or night, but the speed of response will vary. Often users have to wait from 1 hour to several days.

The contact form contains detailed questions that will help the specialists understand the essence of your problem. Fill in all the fields, specify additional information, attach screenshots to your message – this will allow the technical support team to interact with you more efficiently, and therefore solve the problem faster.

Contacting Viber tech support

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact our staff, check out our Frequently Asked Questions. You are more likely to find an answer to your question and other relevant information.

What is ViberOut

ViberOut is a feature that allows users around the world to make calls to landlines and numbers not registered in the application.

ViberOut is currently available only on Android and iOS devices.

How to import a contact list

You don’t need to do anything – the program analyzes the list of your contacts and determines which subscribers use Viber.

You do not need to add contacts from your phonebook.

How to change a phone number

You can change the number in Viber directly in the app without losing data (the option is only available for mobile devices).

To do this, go to “More”, select “Settings”, “Account”, and then click “Change phone number”. Enter a new number and click “Continue”. You will receive a text message with a code to activate the number.

How to pin important chats

Viber allows you to pin important conversations at the beginning of your chat list, so you can easily find important interlocutors.

To dock a chat, open the chat screen in Viber, press and hold the desired dialog, then select “Dock Chat”.

Video calls on Viber

Video calling in messenger is a great opportunity to see your family and friends.

To do this, open the chat screen, select the desired chat and tap the video call icon in the upper right corner. Using the same algorithm, you can start a video call through your contact list.

Privacy protection

Your personal data is the top priority for the Viber team, so privacy is protected by the best technologies, for example, all correspondence, private and group chats are encrypted using end-to-end encryption technology.

Your in-app name, profile picture, phone number, contact list, and activity data are displayed on the company’s servers. Viber does not save your messages or record your conversations.

How to join a community

Any messenger user can join a community to find like-minded people and discuss common interests.

To find a community on Viber, click on the search icon, enter the “@” symbol and then the community name or a keyword. To become a member, open the link with the invitation and click “Join.”

Viber sticker store

A sticker is the perfect way to express yourself and make your communication more emotional. There are many sticker packs available in the Viber store. You can access it as follows: open the “More” menu and select “Sticker Market”.

You can download or buy the sticker pack you like by clicking on the green button – the download will start automatically.

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