How To Fix Viber Cannot Send Messages Issue

Viber is a very convenient messenger for different forms of communication, from friendly to business. In the application, you can have personal chats as well as create groups and communities. But there are glitches, after all. One of them is when you can’t send a message to the recipient. This can pretty much ruin your mood, and disrupt some plans, and lead to misunderstanding on the part of the person you’re talking to. But how to deal with it and why does this problem arise in general? In all this we will try to understand in this article.

Common errors when sending messages

If we talk about the general characteristics of the problems, they are based on different factors. Some are the responsibility of the developers, so only they can solve them, while other failures are the result of users’ inattention. The latter situations can be resolved by the account owners themselves. To do this, you need to follow the following tips, which we are now going to tell you about.

Not sending messages

Why messages are not sent in Viber – most often due to lack of Internet connection or because of an outdated version of the application.

Reestablish the connection and update the app on your Android or iPhone.

Clock icon next to message

If Viber isn’t sending messages because your Internet connection is poor, you’ll see a clock icon next to the message you’ve sent. The lack of Internet connection can be due to an accidental disconnection of data transmission or to the fact that the traffic ran out.

Messages are received but not sent

Perhaps the glitch in the program that causes the most anxiety for users is that Viber accepts messages but fails to send them. You read a large number of messages from your partner, try to send them a reply, but can’t. Even after 10-15 minutes, nothing changes, and the buddy draws his own conclusions about what a “sociable” person you are. I don’t think anyone would want to feel that way. But nevertheless, keep in mind that this kind of disruption exists, too.

Messages are sent but not received

And this malfunction is like a mirror of the previous one. That’s the case when you write to nothing, because no one answers you. It’s also not the most pleasant malfunction in Viber. Perhaps it’s even more unpleasant than the one described above.

What can be done

Most problems can be solved by reconnecting to the network or updating the application.

Check the Internet connection

If Viber is not sending messages, check your network connection. This is the most basic advice that applies to most problems with all messengers. To confirm or refute your assumptions, go to any site or application that requires the Internet for its operation. If there is no indication of a connection, check with your mobile carrier or mobile app.

Contact tech support

If you are conclusively convinced that the failure has nothing to do with your actions, contact support. Give them a comprehensive and complete description of the problem and wait for a response. The developers will definitely solve the problem and advise you.

Update or reinstall Viber

There are times when an app just needs an update. In this case, go to Google Play or the App Store, depending on the model of your phone, and check for a new version for Viber. If there is one, install it.

Or you can just delete and then download the program again. But then you would have to re-enter your data to log in to your account.

Remove attachments from message

The reason might be too much data being sent, whether it’s an attachment or the text itself. To confirm or refute this hypothesis, try sending a test short message. If it’s successful, work on the text you sent earlier – shorten it.

Make sure you are not blacklisted

Perhaps your messages are not sent because you are on the recipient’s blacklist. Viber doesn’t notify you about it in any way, and you can understand that you’re on the Block List only by indirect signs:

  • Messages remain unread for a long time,
  • Calls don’t get through,
  • Can’t see the profile picture and status of the partner (if they’re online or when they were last seen).

If it is possible to contact the person, for example, in another messenger, then ask them if they accidentally put you on their block list.

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