How to install two Viber on one iPhone

Viber is a mobile application for free communication. You can call or chat with anyone with an Internet connection who also has the application installed. To start using Viber messenger, you need to sign up. Your Viber account is going to be associated with your cell phone number. Sure, you can register Viber for several mobile numbers, but when you switch from one profile to another, you completely lose your message history. That’s why the question remains relevant –

How to use two Viber accounts on iPhone?

Unlike Android devices, in iPhone two SIM card slots are rare, and this feature appeared only in the latest models, from X and above. But this does not mean that owners of Apple products are deprived of the right to sign up for two or more Viber accounts. To use two Viber profiles simultaneously and switch between them, it is not necessary to have two active sims inserted in one phone. You can insert the second SIM card into another phone for the duration of the activation, Viber rules do not prohibit this. Moreover, it is much easier to install two applications for different accounts.

What is it for

Why install two Viber on one phone? Given how quickly the Internet industry is developing, Viber becomes a working platform. Having two accounts on one phone allows you to separate your personal life from your work life. This is very convenient and does not create confusion when communicating with different users. Thus, the meaning of using the second Viber application on iPhone is as follows:

  • The first account is for personal life, family, relatives and friends.
  • The second account is for the work sphere and corporate life.

Keep in mind that you should have a separate cell phone number for each instance of Viber. You cannot install and use two Viber on the same phone number.

Two Viber applications will be completely identical in interface. You will not notice any difference neither in functionality, nor in the set of emoticons or stickers. Only the contact list and personal profile data will differ. This is due to the fact that each account must be listed under a different cell phone number.

Ways to install

How to install another Viber on an Apple smartphone under a different phone number? You can do it by one of the suggested methods: without jailbreak and with the installation of jailbreak.

Without jailbreak

The easiest and most proven way to run two instances of Viber is to use a clone app.

Popular clone apps:

  • Dual Space,
  • Clone App,
  • Do Multiple Accounts,
  • App Cloner

Follow the following steps to use two Viber accounts:

  • Install a clone app on your iPhone.
  • Launch the app, and see the list of all the clone apps.
  • Select Viber from the list.

Just a few minutes – and the second Viber is installed. Then you have to run it in the usual way from the phone desktop, authorize it with the phone number of the second sim and you can start using it. This method is uncomplicated and perfectly proved itself in the work. In addition, the presence of two identical applications does not slow down the device and does not clog the operating memory.


What is a jailbreak? A Jailbreak is a special application that allows the user to make changes to the operating system, in other words, it gives you special rights to configure and control the device. Jailbreak is not 100% legal, you may lose the warranty.

The most popular app installer is Cydia. You will need to download the installation file and run the program. Cydia will then update the list of available apps, where you need to find Viber. Press “Install” and then “Confirm”. The download will start, and once the second Viber icon appears, you can sign up.

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