Telegram for Windows 7

Telegram Windows 7 Telegram is a fast and secure messenger that runs smoothly on a wide variety of platforms, from fancy iPhones to proven workhorses with Windows 7 on board. Every month, at least 700 million people use Telegram for communication, education, and entertainment.

Telegram Features

Telegram Desktop combines functionality, speed, and power. In many ways, it surpasses its direct competitors:

  • while WhatsApp gathers groups of 256 people, Telegram gathers groups of 200,000,
  • While Viber has a file size limit of 200 MB, Telegram has a limit of 2 GB,
  • also, according to the developers, ” Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application.”

What you can do in Telegram:

  • communicate using text, stickers and emoji,
  • send and receive voice messages,
  • make audio and video calls,
  • make live broadcasts with an opportunity to receive comments from viewers,
  • run news, educational, entertainment channels,
  • create secret chats protected by end-to-end encryption.

You can delete your messages for everyone in the chat at any time – no matter how much time has passed since they were sent. Some messengers have a time limit (an hour or a day after sending, and you can’t delete them later), but Telegram has no such limit.

Download Telegram for Windows 7

New version of Telegram for Windows 7 was released in 2024. You can download it in two ways: from Telegram servers or by downloading files from our website.

ApplicationVersionOSRelease dateDownload
Telegram DesktopLatest version*Windows 11, 10, 7 Download 64bit
Download 32bit
Telegram Desktop4.4.1Windows 11, 10, 706-12-2022 Download 64bit
Download 32bit
Telegram PortableLatest version*Windows 11, 10, 7 Download 64bit
Download 32bit
Telegram Portable4.4.1Windows 11, 10, 706-12-2022 Download 64bit
Download 32bit

* – Download the latest version from Telegram servers.

Registration and authorization

Registration in Telegram Desktop is performed using your phone number: you will receive an SMS or call with an activation code.

In the future, the number may no longer be needed, so some people register accounts with virtual or disposable numbers. But the point here is that for re-authorization (if you logged out or reinstalled the system, or are trying to log in on another device), the number will be needed again – without it you can’t regain access.

Thus, the phone number is the key to your account in the messenger. However, at any time the number can be changed directly in the application: and all your contacts, chats, and other data will be safely moved to the new number.

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