Google Chrome 113.0.5672.64

On May 3, 2023, Google released a new version of its browser – Google Chrome 113 for operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. A total of 15 security issues were fixed in Chrome 113.

What’s new in version 113

Some of the new features in Chrome 113:

  • The new browser version is 5% faster than the previous version (according to Speedometer 2.1 tests).
  • Support for the WebGPU graphics API and WGSL shader language allows high-performance 3D graphics and data-parallel computation operations on a GPU, similar to Direct3D 12, Metal, and Vulkan. This will allow web applications and games to better utilize graphics cards resources.
  • Optimization of the AV1 video encoder (libaom) has improved the performance of web applications using WebRTC. For example, the Google Meet video conferencing application showed a 12% improvement in broadcast quality and a 25% increase in performance.
  • New memory saving feature has been added (Settings – Performance – Memory Saver), which frees up memory from inactive tabs. This gives active tabs and other apps more computer resources and keeps Chrome fast.

Download Google Chrome 113

You can download Google Chrome 113.0.5672.64 from the table below.

Google Chrome113.0.5672.64Windows 11, 10Offline InstallerDownload 64 bit
Download 32 bit
Google Chrome Portable113.0.5672.64Windows 11, 10Portable versionDownload 64 bit
Download 32 bit
Google Chrome113.0.5672.64macOS 10.13 or laterOffline InstallerDownload
Google Chrome113.0.5672.64Linux.deb (Debian/Ubuntu)
.rpm (Fedora/openSUSE)
Download .deb
Download .rpm
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