Telegram for Linux

Telegram Linux Telegram is a free cross-platform messenger that runs on most popular operating systems, including the Linux family. It has an active monthly audience of over 700 million people. People like Telegram for its speed, ease of use, security and a huge number of useful features.

Telegram Features

One of the distinguishing features of Telegram Desktop is the availability of tools for working with large audiences:

  • groups of up to 200,000 people,
  • channels with an unlimited number of participants – you can subscribe or run a channel yourself,
  • video conferencing, where up to 30 people can stream at the same time, and up to 1,000 can watch.

All of this makes Telegram more than a messenger – it is more like a social network or even a media outlet. Although it performs the functions of a messenger perfectly as well:

  • you can send text and voice messages, make audio and video calls,
  • various tools for working with text: blurred letters for spoilers, timed messages that disappear, reactions, quoting, forwarding,
  • various tools to protect information: secret chats with end-to-end encryption, a local code to access the application, two-factor authorization, you can delete your messages for everyone at any time,
  • many useful bots, for example, to convert the voice into text or vice versa,
  • exchange files up to 2 GB (up to 4 GB with premium).

Download Telegram for Linux

New version of Telegram for Linux was released in 2024. You can download it in two ways: from the Telegram servers or by downloading files from our website.

ApplicationVersionOSRelease dateDownload
TelegramLatest version*Linux Download 64bit
Telegram4.4.1Linux 64 bit
06-12-2022 Download 64bit
Telegram2.4.4Linux 32 bit25-10-2020Download 32bit

* – Download the latest version from Telegram servers.

Registration and authorization

Registration in Telegram Desktop takes place by a phone number, to which you receive an SMS or call with an activation code.

If you have already installed the mobile version of the messenger, you can enter Telegram on your computer by QR-code.

Telegram for Linux

To re-login (if you have logged out), you will need to receive the code on your phone again. Thus, it is the number, not the nickname or other account information, that is your key to your account. However, if you want, you can change the number at any time in the settings.

To authorize on the second device, you must receive the code that will come in the messenger running on the first device.

Final grade

OS compatibility
OS compatibility
Fast and secure messenger, compatible with all popular platforms. Very convenient for all types and formats of communication: one-to-one, in a small group, on a giant channel, by text, stickers or voice.
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