Telegram: old versions

Telegram Telegram is one of the fastest growing messengers. Every day its audience grows by 1-2 million new users, and right now Telegram is one of the ten most downloaded apps in the world. The developers regularly release updates, improvements, and add new things like smooth animations and video stickers. But many users want to stay with some proven and trusted old version of the app.

Telegram features

Owners of older devices that do not meet the system requirements of the latest versions of the messenger may need an older version of Telegram. As well as those who do not like the innovations.

Older versions may be missing some tricks, but the basic functionality is available in full:

  • text and voice messages,
  • individual and group chats (up to a maximum of 200,000 participants),
  • video broadcasts,
  • exchange of files of any format: the size limit per file is 2 GB,
  • secret chats, protected by end-to-end encryption, with the ability to send messages that disappear after being read,
  • you can delete your messages for everyone in the chat, no matter how much time has passed since you sent it.

In addition to chats, Telegram also has channels: information communities about sports, movies, music, foreign languages, and more with an unlimited number of participants.

Channels, of course, are available in any version of the messenger.

Download old versions of Telegram

Installing an old version may not only be a desire to return to the familiar interface and settings, but also a necessary decision. You can download an old version of Telegram both to your PC and to your phone.

Old versions for Windows

The latest version of Telegram to support Windows XP is 1.8.15.

ApplicationVersionOSRelease dateDownload
Telegram Desktop4.4.1Windows 11, 10, 706-12-2022 Download 64bit
Download 32bit
Telegram Portable4.4.1Windows 11, 10, 706-12-2022 Download 64bit
Download 32bit
Telegram Desktop1.8.15Windows 10, 7, XP09-10-2019Download
Telegram Portable1.8.15Windows 10, 7, XP09-10-2019Download

Old versions for Android

The latest version of Telegram to support Android 4.1 is 9.1.3.

VersionRelease dateVersion AndroidDownload
9.3.304-01-20234.4+ Download .apk
9.2.209-12-20224.4+Download .apk
9.1.312-11-20224.1+Download .apk
8.9.314-08-20224.1+Download .apk
8.8.502-07-20224.1+Download .apk
4.1+Download .apk
4.1+Download .apk
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