Telegram: new versions of 2024

Telegram Telegram is a free cross-platform application for communication. More than 700 million people are already using this program on their phones, tablets, computers; and the audience of the messenger is growing rapidly – right now it is one of the ten most downloaded apps in the world. The reasons for this popularity are security, speed, and power.

Telegram Features

Telegram supports a variety of communication formats:

  • personal and group chats (up to 200 thousand people),
  • reading and running channels with an unlimited number of subscribers,
  • sending, forwarding, quoting text messages,
  • reactions to messages with thousands of emoji,
  • secret chats and disappearing messages,
  • gifs and animated stickers,
  • voice messaging, audio calls and video conferencing,
  • file sharing up to 2GB (up to 4GB with a premium subscription).

Recent updates have expanded group video calling capabilities: now up to 30 people can simultaneously broadcast videos and up to 1,000 can watch them.

Broadcasts in channels can be watched by an unlimited number of viewers. Therefore, Telegram is now more than just a messenger; it can be used to host webinars, online lectures (with feedback from viewers), sports broadcasts, and more.

System requirements

The developers of the application do not explicitly specify any hardware requirements. Only the operating system:

  • Android 6.0 and above,
  • iOS 9.0/iPadOS 9.0 and higher,
  • Linux,
  • Windows 7 and newer,
  • macOS 10.12 and later.

If your device runs under one of the above systems, it can easily handle Telegram.

Download Telegram

In 2024, a new version of Telegram was released, and you can download it in two ways: from Telegram servers or by downloading files from our website.

For Windows

ApplicationVersionOSRelease dateDownload
Telegram DesktopLatest version*Windows 11, 10, 7 Download 64bit
Download 32bit
Telegram Desktop4.4.1Windows 11, 10, 706-12-2022 Download 64bit
Download 32bit
Telegram PortableLatest version*Windows 11, 10, 7 Download 64bit
Download 32bit
Telegram Portable4.4.1Windows 11, 10, 706-12-2022 Download 64bit
Download 32bit

* – Download the latest version from Telegram servers

For Mac

ApplicationVersionOSRelease dateDownload
TelegramLatest version*macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later Download
Telegram4.4.1macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later06-12-2022 Download
Telegram2.4.4OS X 10.11 и 10.1025-10-2020 Download
Telegram1.8.15OS X 10.9 и 10.809-10-2019 Download
Telegram1.8.15OS X 10.7 и 10.609-10-2019 Download

* – Download the latest version from Telegram servers

For Linux

ApplicationVersionOSRelease dateDownload
TelegramLatest version*Linux Download 64bit
Telegram4.4.1Linux 64 bit
06-12-2022 Download 64bit
Telegram2.4.4Linux 32 bit25-10-2020Download 32bit

* – Download the latest version from Telegram servers

For Android

There are two ways to download Telegram for Android phones: on Google Play or by downloading an .apk file from our website.

VersionRelease dateVersion AndroidDownload
9.3.3Jan 20234.4+ Download .apk
Latest version*20244.4+ Download .apk
Latest version**20244.4+ Download from Google Play

* – Download the latest version from Telegram servers
** – Download the latest version from Google Play

For iPhone

If you have an Apple phone, you can only download the Telegram app through the official store – AppStore.


Registration and authorization

Signing up for Telegram is by phone number – this is the only personal information the messenger asks you for. Even if you plan to use the program exclusively on your PC, you will still need to link your account to a number that will receive an SMS or call with an activation code.

If you log out, you can sign back in to the app using:

  • your phone number to receive a text message with the code,
  • email,
  • Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google shortcuts.

If you are trying to sign in from another device, the authorization code will come to you directly in the messenger. Accordingly, the messenger must be open on the device from which you registered at that time. If this is inconvenient, you can use the “No code received” button to request an SMS – it will come to the number linked to your account.

You can change the number your account is associated with directly in the messenger settings. All your data (contacts, messages, media files) will migrate to the new number.

Final grade

OS compatibility
OS compatibility
Fast and secure messenger, compatible with all popular platforms. Very convenient for all types and formats of communication: one-to-one, in a small group, on a giant channel, by text, stickers or voice.
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