Viber: old versions

Viber: old versions Viber messenger is considered one of the world’s top apps for free calls and messages to people in all countries, cities and continents. Viber is very easy to download, install and use. The software is available for different platforms and devices. The developers strongly recommend downloading only the latest versions of the program for a higher degree of protection, but if it does not suit you, you use an older version of Viber.

Remember that installing and running older versions of software reduces security and makes your device vulnerable to virus or fraud attacks.

Features and capabilities

Download the application and you will be able to:

  • send free messages to any Viber users;
  • make audio and video calls with good call quality;
  • send voice messages;
  • create communities;
  • create and join video conferences;
  • share your location with another contact;
  • exchange photos, videos, links, documents;
  • use a large set of emoticons, stickers, and GIFs.

Download old versions of Viber

Download the application to your device – mobile or desktop, is not difficult, below are the versions for different operating systems.

For Windows

Please note that the latest version of Viber supporting Windows XP is

ApplicationOSVersionRelease dateFile sizeDownload
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, 10, 1117.5.0.005-05-202284.94 MB Download
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, 1015.6.0.303-07-202181.66 MB Download
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, 1014.9.0.316-03-202181.23 MB Download
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, 1013.9.0.1801-10-202077.14 MB Download
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, 1012.8.0.7520-04-202076.21 MB Download
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, 1011.7.0.6420-10-201971.46 MB Download
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, 1010.3.0.3615-03-201967.90 MB Download
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, MB Download
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, MB Download
Viber PortableWindows 7, 8, MB Download
Viber PortableWindows XP, 7, 8, MB Download
Viber PortableWindows XP, 7, 8, MB Download

Once you have downloaded the optimal version of the program for your computer, you will definitely need to authorize in the system, and you will need a cell phone for that.

After completing the installation, fill in the necessary data, confirm the sms-code that will come to your phone, and you can get to work. If Viber is also installed on your phone, contacts and correspondence will be synchronized.

Before installing an older version of the application, be sure to previously uninstall the current Viber program for correct operation, and then restart your computer.

For Android

You can’t download an old version of Viber on Android from the Google Play Store, since only the latest version of the program is presented there. Fortunately, you can choose some of the best old Viber versions on our website, depending on your OS version:

  • Android 10 Q (API 29): Viber or newer
  • Android 5.0 (API 21) and higher: any Viber version
  • Android 4.4 (API 19): maximum version –
  • Android 4.2 (API 17): maximum version –
  • Android 4.1 (API 16): maximum version –
  • Android 4.0.x (API 14): latest version –
  • Android 2.3.x (API 9): latest version –
VersionRelease dateFile sizeDownload 2022172.14 MB Download 2022110.60 MB Download 202265.47 MB Download 202153.51 MB Download 202151.92 MB Download 202050.43 MB Download 202048.53 MB Download 201932.80 MB Download 201943.09 MB Download 201835.15 MB Download 201731.84 MB Download 201632.80 MB Download
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