How to install Viber on two phones with the same number

Viber is a convenient application that is installed on almost every second phone and is very popular. With it you can save money on mobile operator’s services and make free calls to any users of the application without limitation. If you have two smartphones, you can install Viber on two devices. However, there are nuances here, your account is associated with a specific cellphone number. It stores your chat and call history. How to use Viber with one account on two phones?

Does Viber work with one number on two phones

The question of whether it is possible to use Viber on two phones and link them to one number has been of interest to users since the appearance of this messenger. Of course, it’s very convenient to use the same Viber profile on several devices to synchronize chats, and have access to the account, regardless of which phone you currently have at hand.

However, you can’t simultaneously use Viber on different phones, but registered under the same number. When you sign in to Viber on one phone, the system automatically kicks you from the application on the second.

This feature is not built in by the developers, and therefore is not available. You can only do this with other devices without a SIM card or register two Viber accounts to two different SIM cards.

How to connect two devices

If you have several tech devices that you use all the time and you want to stay online all the time, there are two ways to make sure that Viber can work properly on them.

How to install Viber on two phones with the same number

With SIM cards

It’s easy to sign up with Viber. Depending on your device, you can download the messenger from our site:

Run the app, select your country, register by phone number and that’s all, the application is ready to work.

Then take a second phone with a SIM-card and do the same procedure. You can’t use the same phone number and confirm it with an SMS-code. Well, technically, you can, but if you do so, the app will close on the first phone without further access. Therefore, this method does not work. You can either have one device with a SIM card, or register Viber under different numbers.

Viber can run simultaneously on several devices if the primary one is a phone with a registered account number, and the secondary one is a computer or tablet, i.e. a device without a SIM card.

Without SIM cards

Devices without SIM cards can include computers, laptops or tablets. In this case, the developers do not exclude the possibility of synchronous work on different devices under one account. Moreover, this method has been practiced for a long time and works perfectly well without any issues.

If it suits you, and it is convenient for you to use the same Viber account on your computer and phone, or on tablet and phone, or maybe even on all three devices at once under one number, then perform the following actions:

  1. First, download Viber on your phone and install it.
  2. Next, sign up using your cell phone number.
  3. Set up your account.

When Viber on your phone is ready, download the application for a second device – tablet, computer or laptop:

  1. Run the installation file.
  2. In the window that opens, click “Continue”.
  3. When the question “Is Viber used on your phone” appears on the screen, answer “Yes”.
  4. Select your country and specify the number associated with your Viber account.
  5. Scan the QR-code with your phone camera, and then the two devices are paired.

When you’re done with all these processes, you’ll have a fully installed Viber on different devices, but under one account. All chats, calls, contacts and settings will synced across your devices. If necessary, you can disable synchronization.

Alternative ways

So, you can’t register Viber simultaneously on two different phones with the same phone number. However, there is another option – to create two different profiles for each SIM card. This is a good alternative option. Two different profiles allow you to differentiate the use of Viber, for example, one phone for personal purposes – communication with friends, relatives, acquaintances, and the second – for work.

Two different Viber profiles on two phones is especially convenient to use when your activity is related to online sales of services or goods, and the second phone can be used to communicate with customers.

If the proposed solution suits you, then you should download the Viber application on each phone, install it, and create two different accounts. Then enter SMS-codes and use Viber as usual. But, chats, contacts and calls will be separated, there will be no synchronization, since these are two separate accounts.

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