BlueStacks Tweaker

BlueStacks Tweaker Those who have long wanted to use Android applications on their computer know about the existence of such an emulator program as Bluestacks. However, not everyone knows that there is an additional product for the emulator, which is called Bluestacks Tweaker. This is a separate module or application that helps to make adjustments in the emulator itself, namely, to change various parameters, disable or restart the program, adjust its functionality. If you want to make changes in the emulator settings and operation, then use Bluestacks Tweaker.

About BlueStacks Tweaker

First, it should be said that Bluestacks should not be confused with Bluestacks Tweaker. So, Bluestacks is an Android emulator, which can be installed on your computer to run mobile applications. While Bluestacks Tweaker is an auxiliary utility with which the user can extend the functions and capabilities of Bluestacks emulator.

The Bluestacks Tweaker add-on has a set of special functions that allow to start, restart, suspend or completely disable the emulator. Here users can also change the interface language, a set of basic parameters, set their own settings, add new profiles and even use different models of emulated devices.

Functionality and customization

BSTweaker is a portable utility that acts as an additional tool for configuring the Bluestacks emulator. Despite the minimal set of tabs, the program has a wide range of features, which will especially appeal to experienced users and programmers. What features does the Tweaker utility have:

  • The ability to connect and use multiple Google profiles at once.
  • Point-to-point customization of any profile.
  • Availability of technical modules of the latest generation of certified phones.
  • Changing language settings and emulator interface.
  • Individual control scheme can be set up.

The advantage of installing BSTweaker is not only a set of additional tools to customize the Android emulator on your computer, but also the ability to set up your own control scheme.

Bluestacks Tweaker is a portable program that helps you customize the virtual shell of Bluestacks emulator for your own purposes and tasks. Thanks to the customization, you can improve the performance of your system, save its resources and conveniently manage Android applications.

Now you don’t need to open the Task Manager every time to modify all necessary settings.

Download BSTweaker

You can download Bluestacks Tweaker on our website. To do this, decide which version you need, taking into account your installed version of BlueStacks. After completing the download you need to unpack the archive and run the file “BlueStacksTweaker.exe”.

ApplicationApp VersionBlueStacks VersionDescriptionFile SizeDownload
BlueStacks Tweaker 66.9.1 4.150 - 5.9Pie + Hyper-V + FileManager for BlueStacks, MEmu, Nox, LDPlayer38.95 MBDownload
BlueStacks Tweaker – 4.270Hyper-V + FileManager for BlueStacks, MEmu, Nox, LDPlayer22.51 MBDownload
BlueStacks Tweaker – 4.1703.65 MBDownload
BlueStacks Tweaker 33.120.8 – 2.1Requires .NET Framework 4 or higher to run.2.75 MBDownload

Using BlueStacks Tweaker

Bluestacks Tweaker has an intuitive interface. There are a large number of tabs that contain certain functionality, namely:

  • This is the main menu with information about the program itself, where you can use the functions “Stop”, “Close”, “Run”, “Delete”.
  • This tab is divided into two windows. In the first one you can see the information related to GUID, and on the left side all the parameters of the used mobile device, including operator, country, phone model.
  • In this menu there are settings of the screen, pixels, inches. You can also set the amount of allocated RAM.
  • In this tab you can change the theme, as well as enable or disable auto update.
  • Here you can set administrator rights (root rights).
  • Various useful stuff.
  • Here you can fine-tune the interface, check the number of tabs used, their purpose.
  • Here you can run a manual update of the program, as well as set the frequency of checking for updates.
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