How to fix Viber activation failed

After you’ve downloaded Viber, you need to activate it by confirming the phone number. This is a fairly simple procedure, but sometimes it also fails. So what to do if Viber does not activate on the phone? To begin with, let’s outline the possible causes, and then we’ll figure out their solutions.

Why do you need to activate your account?

To make communication safer for both sides of the dialogue, there is an identity verification, without which it is impossible to use the messenger.

Account activation links your Viber profile to your phone number.

Why activation fails on your phone

Viber activation failure, although a rare occurrence, but quite real. There can be many reasons behind this:

  1. Incorrect phone number.

Once again, look carefully at the number entered, check its digits, as well as the country code. You may have just entered the country code twice.

  1. You are abroad, i.e. in roaming.

This affects some cellular communication functions. You can remove those restrictions by adjusting the settings. But it is important to understand that after that all the newly appeared functions will be charged.

  1. Bad connection.

Try restarting the network and the phone.

  1. You have already used your number to activate your account.

In this case, try to remember the password from the old account. If you can’t do anything, you have the option to reset it.

  1. Inactive phone number.

This happens when the SIM card has just been purchased. Or, on the contrary, when the number is old, but you forgot to recharge it for at least a year, so the service provider stopped its operation.

  1. Registration cannot be completed.

It means that a technical error has occurred. For example, a system failure, the application does not recognize the server on the user’s device, an inactive program code or a version update on the manufacturer’s server. It can be solved by trying again after some time.

  1. Activation failed.

This message appears if your number was previously used to send spam.

  1. Code not received or incorrect.

In this case, it’s better to try the “Activation via call” option.

  1. The limit of registration attempts has been reached.

Wait 24 hours, then try again.

  1. You installed an outdated version of the application.

Download a fresh version of Viber from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

How to fix activation errors

Well, the causes are clear now, but what to do when Viber activation fails? You can try the options described below.

Reinstalling the application

If Viber won’t activate, reinstall the application. From time to time there are failures in the system, which are eliminated by re-downloading. It’s worth a shot.

Updating the messenger

It is possible that the messenger version is outdated and no longer supports such a function as account activation. In this case, go to your application store and check the availability of updates released by the developer.

Check the network

Activation error in Viber also occurs when there is a network failure. Check its status in the device settings.

Check permissions

Go to your phone “Settings” – “Installed applications” – “Permissions” and “Manage permissions” look for Viber and give the app all necessary permissions.

Contacting technical support

Describe your issue comprehensively and ask for a solution. That’s all. All you have to do is to wait for the answer and try to activate your account again.

Official support page is

How to activate Viber without SMS

There are moments when SMS can’t be received. For example, if you are abroad and roaming is active. The alternative for this is a call. All you need to do is enter your phone number and select the “Activation via call” option. Usually the call will come in within the first few seconds.

So, if you have any problems during the activation of the account, then first check all the possible causes, which you can fix yourself, and then contact the customer support.

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