Why is Viber not showing the online and last seen status

If your Viber doesn’t show when the person was online, it may indicate the user’s desire to hide from unnecessary attention from friends or colleagues. However, if the reason lies not in the desire of the user, then the missing status problem can be solved. We will tell you how to do it in this article.

About status

Your online status on Viber is shared with your contacts by default. Anyone of them can see if you’re online or when you were last seen.

If you’ve disabled sharing your online status, you can’t see the other people’s status, either.

Why you can’t see when a person was online

If Viber doesn’t show when the person was online, it’s due to one of the following reasons.

The person has hidden their status

You may have hidden your status yourself. How to show it again:

  • launch Viber and tap on “More”,
  • go to “Settings”;
  • proceed to “Privacy”,
  • enable “Share ‘Online’ status”.

Why is Viber not showing the online and last seen status

However, if another person has hidden their status, this method will not help.

Outdated version of the messenger

Another reason why you can’t see the time when your contact was last seen is because you’re using an old version of Viber.

Check whether you have set up automatic application updates (in your phone settings), and go to Google Play or App Store and check for updates there. Also, you can always get a new version of Viber from our site.


You can’t see a person’s status if they have blacklisted you.

How do you know if you’re blacklisted? Well, you can’t.

Blacklisted persons cannot write to or see their blocker’s personal information, and there is no way to fix it. All that remains is to accept your blocker’s decision.

Connection issues

Check the signal strength, the amount of available data, or better yet, connect to Wi-Fi if possible. Go to other sites or apps and see if they work.

What to do if the status is shown incorrectly

One of the reasons may be the background work of the program. The application is open, but it is not displayed on the screen.

You can fix it on your phone:

  • “Manage programs”,
  • “Accounts and synchronization settings”,
  • “General synchronization settings”.

But obviously you can’t fix it on someone else’s remote device.

Server maintenance can also cause errors, including incorrect display of statuses. In this case you will have to wait it out, but goodness, it happens very rarely.

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