How to restore Google Chrome bookmarks bar

In the Google Chrome browser, just below the address bar, there is a strip with bookmarks. To be more precise, initially there are no bookmarks there until you add them there, but there is only the standard “Apps” button. The problem occurs when this bar, i.e. the panel, is not there at all – for some reason it is missing (most likely, the user themselves has unchecked the “Show Bookmarks Bar” item). In this article we’ll figure out what to do when the bookmarks panel in Chrome is missing.

Why use the bookmarks bar

The bookmarks bar allows you to save your favorite sites or pages for quick access. Pages can be organized into folders, sorted into categories, moved, renamed, etc.

All these actions can be performed both directly in the bar (by dragging and dropping with a mouse or through the context menu by right-clicking) and in the Bookmark Manager (Ctrl+Shift+O), which in fact acts as a file manager for bookmarks.

Why is the bar missing?

In 99% of cases user turned it off by themselves accidentally or deliberately.

1% will be left for some system glitches. And if this really happened, you will have to reinstall the browser.

Bookmarks bar visible despite there are no bookmarks yet
Bookmarks bar visible despite there are no bookmarks yet

How to bring back the bookmarks bar

You can return the bookmark bar on top by using hotkeys or through the browser settings – whichever is more convenient for you, both methods are equal.


On PC you can show the bookmark bar by pressing Ctrl+Shift+B

On Mac computers, the keyboard shortcut you need is Cmd (⌘) + Shift (⇧) + B

Browser menu

How to get the bookmark bar back in Google Chrome through settings:

  • Click “Customize and control Google Chrome” (the three-dot button in the top right corner of the browser.
  • Hover your cursor over “Bookmarks”.
  • Click “Show bookmarks bar”.
Another way to make the bookmarks bar visible
Another way to make the bookmarks bar visible

After that, the bar should appear immediately.

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