How to Hide Chrome Download Bar

When you download files through Google Chrome, a panel at the bottom of the page pops up to show your recent downloads. Is there a way to remove the download bar?

The download bar can be closed by clicking on the cross in the corner of the popup.

If the user downloads a lot of files, they have to click the cross icon often, which is not very convenient.

How to Hide Chrome Download Bar

On iPhone or Android, you can disable download notifications in the browser settings:

  • Launch Chrome browser, and tap on the three dots in the corner of the screen.
  • Go to “Settings”, then “Notifications.”
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications.

Chrome for PC does not have a standard button to disable download notifications, but you can always use extensions, like:

  • Always Clear Downloads
  • AutoHide Download Bar
  • Disable Download Bar
  • Downloads Notification

The above extensions can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

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