How to Fix: The Site Ahead Contains Malware

The message “The site ahead contains malware” appears when opening some web pages. Sometimes Chrome blocks access to sites that you know will do no harm. Is there a way to disable or bypass the blocking?

How to disable the blocking

You can turn off warnings about malware, but remember, these messages help protect users from viruses and identity theft.

In order to disable the blocking:

  • open Chrome’s settings,
  • go to the “Privacy & Security” section,
  • then open the “Security” subsection (quick path: chrome://settings/security),
  • under “Safe browsing” select “No protection”.
  • confirm your choice by pressing the “Turn off” button.

How to Fix: The Site Ahead Contains Malware

How to bypass the blocking

If Google Chrome is blocking sites that you’re confident are safe, you can still access the site. Open the page with the warning, click on “Details”, then click the “Visit this infected site” link.

If there really are no viruses on the site, the page will open normally. If there are viruses, the download may be blocked by antivirus software. It is not recommended to disable antivirus software, malicious programs can cause significant damage to your device.

Press “Details” to proceed
Press “Details” to proceed
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