How to zoom out in a game on BlueStacks

When using the BlueStacks App Player, which emulates an Android operating system, PC owners spend a lot of time playing games. And what’s important in any game? Precise controls is the correct answer. Zoom is a key feature that helps you gain more control over the game window. So, let’s learn how to zoom out in a game on BlueStacks.

About zooming on BlueStacks

On a phone, zooming in or out is done by finger gestures. However, on a computer, such actions cannot be performed due to the lack of a touchscreen. Therefore, BlueStacks offers to perform similar manipulations using the keyboard and mouse.

How to zoom out

On BlueStacks you can adjust the scale using different means. Choose one of the options below, and implement it in practice.

Using the mouse wheel

The easiest way to zoom in or out on a picture is to use the mouse wheel. To do this, hover the cursor over specific area, of which you want to get a better view, then press and hold down the “Ctrl” key:

  • To zoom in, rotate the wheel forward (up).
  • To zoom out, rotate the wheel backward (down).

In the registry editor

You can scale not only the game area, but also the size of the emulator window. You can do this with the registry editor:

  • Open the “Run” window (Win+R).
  • Type in “regedit” (without quotes).

How to zoom out in a game on BlueStacks

  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\FrameBuffer\0.
  • Click on “Width” to change the width and “Height” to change the height of BlueStacks window.

The emulator will change appearance according to the values set in the registry. You can change them back at a later time.

Using the fine tuning software

Adjustments can also be made using the Aurora 2 app. It allows you to adjust control scheme, window size and scaling for each specific game. Install this program on your computer, and then open a file with game saves in Bluestacks.

Useful tips

Talking about zooming on a computer, it’s impossible not to mention keyboard controls. By default, it’s Up for zoom in, and Down for zoom out. How to zoom out in a game on BlueStacks

You can click on the question mark in the right sidebar during a game to see and edit the controls. How to zoom out in a game on BlueStacks

Clicking on the keyboard icon will show you how to decrease the sensitivity on BlueStacks. This flexible setting will allow you to change the pitch of each press of the Up or Down button.

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