Google Chrome 96.0.4664.45

On November 15, 2021, Google released a new version of the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome 96 runs on all major operating systems: Windows 11 / 10 / 7, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

What’s new in version 96

  • Fixed 25 vulnerabilities.
  • The bookmarks bar displayed below the address bar now hides the Apps button by default, which allows you to open the “chrome://apps” page with a list of installed services and web applications.
  • The secure HTTPS protocol will be used to connect to websites.
  • Forward and Backward navigation caching in desktop versions for faster navigation to “previously visited pages after navigation between sites”.
  • Deprecated Features: The PaymentRequest API no longer supports the primary card payment method and will be removed in Chrome 100.
  • Unique identifiers for desktop PWAs.
  • Web applications can now register as URL protocol handlers, for example to launch Twitter links using the Twitter PWA or FTP links using the FTP web application.
  • Extended content security policy to improve interoperability with WebAssembly.
  • New policy for Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy.
  • New experimental Origin Trial feature: Conditional focus and Priority Hints.

Android version:

  • An experimental feature has appeared that allows you to force a site to be repainted in a dark theme.

In order to enable the mode, you need to activate of the flags. Chrome: //flags/#darken-websites-checkbox-in-themes-setting. It’s worth remembering that this is different from the website’s own dark theme. The switch works for every webpage, but it’s possible that some content may look broken or illegible, which usually doesn’t happen when a site offers a well-implemented native dark mode.

  • Page scaling feature.

You can enable the feature by enabling another flag. Chrome: //flags/#enable-accessibility-page-zoom flag. After that, a separate scaling bar will appear in the site transfer protocols security information menu. This setting applies to a specific site and does not affect global settings.

iOS version:

  • Stability and performance improvements.

Google decided to prepare ahead of time for Chrome’s transition to three-digit browser version numbers and identify potential issues early on. Users and site owners can now test the new user-agent string with the experimental chrome://flags/#force-major-version-to-100 flag. The flag has been available since Chrome 96.

Download Google Chrome 96

You can download Google Chrome 96.0.4664.45 below by selecting the desired operating system and processor capacity in the table.

Google Chrome96.0.4664.45Windows 11, 10, 7Offline InstallerDownload 64 bit
Download 32 bit
Google Chrome Portable96.0.4664.45Windows 11, 10, 7Portable versionDownload 64 bit
Download 32 bit
Google Chrome96.0.4664.45macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or laterIntel processor
Apple processor
Google Chrome96.0.4664.45Linux.deb (Debian/Ubuntu)
.rpm (Fedora/openSUSE)
Download .deb
Download .rpm
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