How to save a photo from Viber to the gallery

Viber is one of the modern messengers designed not only for chatting, but also for sharing photos and videos. For some people, it’s more convenient when all images and video files are saved by Viber automatically. Others prefer to save them one by one. Let’s find out how to do both.

Options for saving photos from Viber

By default, Viber should automatically save videos and photos. If you want to free up some space in your device’s memory, you can disable file saving entirely, or you can set selective saving.

Selective saving

This option is available for both iPhone and Android.  If you have applied selective saving and you need a specific photo, proceed as follows:

  • open the messenger,
  • find the chat with the photo you are looking for,
  • open the picture in full screen mode by simply tapping on it,
  • tap the three-dot icon in the corner, the arrow icon, or the “Save” button to save the photo to your phone’s gallery.

The image should save instantly, but if it doesn’t, try updating the application (install the latest version of Viber).

Automatic saving

Here’s how to enable this option:

  • launch Viber,
  • on the home screen, tap “More”,
  • open “Settings”,
  • proceed to “Media”,
  • enable “Save to gallery”.

You can also choose the quality of images: normal (~180 KB), good (~250 KB) or excellent (~650 KB).

How to save a photo from Viber to the gallery

Saving methods may differ depending on whether you have Viber on your mobile device or laptop/computer. Let’s consider each option separately.

On Android

How to save a photo on Android:

  • launch Viber,
  • open your chats,
  • find the chat that contains the file you want to save,
  • tap on the image,
  • there will be a “Share” icon (a split arrow) at the top,
  • select the “Save to…” option,
  • select the folder.

On iOS

On the iPhone, you need to do the following:

  • log in to Viber,
  • open your chats and find the one with the image you want to save,
  • tap on the image find the arrow icon in the bottom left corner,
  • in the menu that appears, select the “Save to Gallery” option.

You can save files not one at a time, but all at once. Or you can set up automatic saving of images for an individual chat.

To save multiple files:

  • launch the messenger,
  • open the chat with the picture you want to save,
  • open the picture and tap the “Media” icon at the top right,
  • folder with photos you’ve previously uploaded opens,
  • tap on “Select”,
  • check several photos and tap on the arrow in the lower right corner,
  • select the “Save to Gallery” menu option.

To set up auto-save pictures for an individual chat:

  • open the chat,
  • tap on its name and select “Chat Info and Settings”,
  • tap on “Save to Gallery”,
  • select “Always”.

How to save a photo from Viber to the gallery


Run Viber on your computer and open chats. Then:

  • find the file you want to save,
  • expand the image by simply clicking on it,
  • from the context menu select the arrow,
  • select the folder in which you will save the file, enter the filename and click “Save”.

How to save a profile picture

Saving profile pictures is not as easy as saving photos and videos from chats. You’ll need to do some work, since this option was not intended for Viber. Here are the specific steps:

  • launch File Manager on your phone,
  • select the storage where the Viber messenger files are located,
  • click on “Internal Storage.”
  • find and open the folder named “Android”,
  • locate the “Data” folder and open it,
  • search for “com.viber.voip” and navigate to the contents,
  • click on the folder called “Files” and open “User photos”,
  • select the picture you want,
  • click the three dot button for more options,
  • next, choose one of two actions – “Move” or “Copy”,
  • after pressing the “Copy” button, you will see a choice of where you can save the copy of the photo,
  • select the SD card,
  • select the folder to store the images,
  • press “OK” to save.

Where to find saved images

We already know to save photos from Viber on your phone. Now let’s see where to find them.

Like Whatsapp and Telegram, Viber also creates its own folder for storing received photos. In order to find this folder on Android, there are 2 options.

Option one is through Gallery:

  • on your mobile device, go into Gallery,
  • go to Albums,
  • scroll through and find the “Other Albums” folder, which contains the photos you’re looking for.

Another option is via File Explorer:

  • open Explorer on your phone,
  • go to the memory of the device,
  • find the directory called “Viber”,
  • proceed to “Viber images”.

On the iPhone, Viber saves pictures in the “Photos” app.

Mac users should go to “Documents” and find the ViberDownloads folder, i.e. Viber Downloads.

Windows users should search for saved files in Pictures or Downloads. This depends on your settings.

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