Ways to read other people’s messages in Viber without access to their phones

Over a billion people use Viber. Among them, there are many who, for one reason or another, want to read someone else’s correspondence. This possibility exists, and this article describes in detail the most popular methods to read other people’s chats, while remaining incognito. Having studied the presented schemes, each user will be able to choose an optimal method for themselves, and thus solve their problem related to the acute desire to spy on other Viber users.

Is it possible to read other person’s messages in Viber?

Yes, this possibility exists. If you want to, and with knowledge of a certain scheme of action, it is quite possible to read the correspondence of another person.

There are fairly simple methods based on the elementary use of the carelessness of the phone owner, there are also more thorough solutions, which consist of the obligatory downloading of specialized programs or the use of Google drive.

Options on how to access other people’s messages

In one way or another every method requires obtaining physical access to another person’s phone even for a short period of time.


Back in the day, there was this option “Email message history” located under Viber > More > Settings > Calls and Messages. But not anymore.

In recent versions of Viber there isn’t such option!

Chat history backup

Since data saved to the cloud is no longer protected by Viber encryption, it’s technically possible to read archived conversation history.

How to manually create a backup:

  • Viber > More
  • Settings > Account
  • Viber Backup > Back Up Now

How to lay hands on this copy is a different story. Viber doesn’t let you send it to some random cloud. So unless you have access to the phone owner’s Google drive, you can’t reach those backups.


Synchronizing two devices is the most reliable way to spy from one on the other:

  • Install Viber on your PC, and launch it
  • Launch Viber on another person’s phone
  • Tap on “More”, then press the QR icon
  • Scan QR-code from your computer’s screen
  • Press “Sync” on computer, then press “Sync” in the mobile messenger to approve chat history sync to desktop.

So from now on you can read new conversations of your “target” in real time.


There are a bunch of various monitoring/tracking programs designed precisely to spy on Viber:

  • Viber Tracker by mSpy
  • Viber Spy by hoverwatch
  • Snoopza

Remember: you need to install them on target’s phone so they could transmit data.

Unconventional hacking methods

Spyware can’t get chat history out of thin air. However, there are many online services that promise (for a price) to get Viber chat history simply by phone number. It sounds tempting, of course, but highly unlikely.

Truth is most of such services are common scammers.

How to protect your account from hacking

First of all, try not to leave your phone out of sight. Protect it with a digital code or graphic key, Touch ID or Face ID. So that even if someone touches your phone, they won’t be able to unlock it.

Protect Viber if possible, and pay attention what apps are installed on your device.

Also, go to Viber > More > Settings > Account > Desktop and Tablets, and deactivate synchronized devices there, if any.

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