How to see someone’s birthday on Viber?

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep in mind the birthday of all your colleagues, buddies, classmates and other people who are not part of your immediate social circle. But a timely birthday greeting to your boss, attending physician or hairdresser will pay dividends in the form of increased loyalty and improved relationships. So how not to be late with the gift and the card? Viber and its birthday notifications will be of great help.

Where does Viber get information about birth dates?

The answer to how Viber knows your birthday is quite obvious – users enter this date when registering in the messenger. This field is not mandatory, but if it is not filled in immediately, the application will periodically send a notification asking you to enter this information.

Filling in the birthday is necessary to filter users by age. People under 13 will not be able to register in Viber. Teenagers from 13 to 16 are be able to use Viber, but receive stricter privacy settings (regarding location tracking, for instance). People over 16 can use the messenger without any restrictions. Information on age is not disclosed by messenger to the general public.

Keep in mind that this information may be unreliable, as Viber does not require users to confirm their data with any ID.

How to see someone’s birthday on Viber?

How to check the date of birth

It depends on whose date of birth you want to clarify. So, the options may be as follows:

  • your birthday,
  • the birthday of an adult Viber user,
  • a child’s birthday.

For users under 16 years of age this information is not displayed. Also, the child’s profile picture and user name will be closed for public access.


How to check your birthday on Viber? To do this, you need to:

  • from the home screen go to “More”;
  • tap on your profile picture.

In the window that opens, you will see the details of your account, including the date you are looking for. By the way, you can also edit this information here. To do this, click on the field with the date and it will be possible to edit it.

Someone else’s

But how do you know a person’s birthday in Viber if they are over 16?

You can’t find this information in other people’s profiles. But when the cherished date comes up, all those interested will receive a notification and a reminder of this event.

And the messenger also has a special algorithm for determining the recipients of reminders. So, in order to receive a birthday notification in Viber, you need to meet a number of criteria:

  • the birthday person must be in your contacts,
  • your chat history over the past year should not be empty,
  • the birthday person must be at least 16 years old,
  • application settings on both sides must allow to send and receive birthday notifications.

Birthday notifications and reminders

If Viber doesn’t show the birthdays of your contacts, this means they either didn’t specify their birth dates or you turned off birthday notifications and reminders in Viber’s settings.


Notifications are displayed on your device’s notification bar, while reminders will prompt you about the holiday in your personal chat and chat screen.

To get birthday notifications and reminders, go to More > Settings > Notifications, and enable “Get Birthday notifications” and “Show birthdays reminders”.

How to see someone’s birthday on Viber?


To disable reminders and notifications, you will need to uncheck or move the slider to the left for Android and iOS, respectively.

It is also possible to disable notifications about your birthday for your contacts. To do this, you need to:

  • from the home screen go to “More”,
  • open the “Settings”;
  • go to the “Privacy” section;
  • disable “Share your birth date”.

How to see someone’s birthday on Viber?

Here you can enable or disable notifications about your birthday. If this option is enabled, people who have saved your number in their contacts will receive a mailing about the holiday. Otherwise, no one will receive a reminder.

Why birthdays don’t show

So, now you know exactly why birthdays don’t show on Viber. The options may be as follows:

  • the birthday person didn’t fill in his or her date of birth,
  • he or she is not yet 16 years old,
  • they opted for not sharing their birth dates,
  • you disabled birthday notifications and reminders,
  • the birthday person and you haven’t exchanged messages in the last 12 months.

It’s also possible that the birthday person hasn’t been removed from your contact list.

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