How to know who likes you on Viber?

Group chats in Viber allow hundreds of people communicate simultaneously. One of the interesting options here are likes; you can use them to mark any content shared by group members.

Likes can be used for anything: interesting posts, jokes, or valuable thoughts. Each like has a sender and can be identified, which helps make communication more soulful and productive.

About likes on Viber

The ability to like messages is very important in Viber:

  • likes encourage people to write more,
  • users can mark the most interesting content with likes,
  • likes help people to communicate more willingly and actively,
  • likes are useful for the development of the entire community.

Likes clearly show exactly what the group members are interested in, to which content they respond most favorably. Likes help:

  • identify short-term and long-term trends,
  • segment the audience by any parameters,
  • form content for different groups.

Likes have another useful side effect – they simplify chat navigation. Messages with likes are immediately striking to the eye and easy to navigate when viewing a large correspondence.

How to see who liked a message

You can find out who liked the message on cell phones, tablets and in the desktop version as well.

To check the likes on your phone, do the following:

  • open Viber, and go to the chat of interest,
  • find a message with some likes next to it,
  • long press the message, until the context menu appears,
  • in “Details” you will see who exactly liked the message.

On the computer: click on the message, and select “Information” or “Details” from the context menu.

As for notifications, Viber shows notifications only about likes on your messages. Likes under other people’s comments are displayed as numbers below the heart icon, and you will not receive notifications about them.

How to unlike a message

To take your likes back, you just have to find them and tap on the heart icon again. That’s it, the likes are withdrawn. A purple and fully colored heart tells you that you have liked the message. If the icon is not colored and only the gray borders of the figure are visible, then the message is not marked with sympathy.

You can’t delete someone else’s likes, which makes sense, since you can’t control the actions and ratings of other community members.

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