How to install second Viber on one Android

Viber is one of the most downloaded messaging apps in the world. It allows communicating with people all around the globe for free. Texting and calling on Viber is way cheaper than making calls the old-fashioned way. That’s why more and more people choose this messenger for their Android phones. Some of them even want to use two instances of Viber on the same phone. Let’s look at how to do it.

How to use 2 Viber accounts on Android

For various reasons, some Viber users have two registered accounts, respectively on different cell phone numbers. Most often they do that to separate work from personal life. Along with this, the question arises, how to make two Viber apps on one phone? You can do it using:

  • built-in dual app function in your phone,
  • third-party applications.

Which method to choose is only a matter of preference. Simultaneous access to two copies of the messenger (though, not exact copies, each with its own chats and data, that’s the point) greatly increases the efficiency of Viber and the convenience of its use.

Installation methods

Of course, simple re-downloading the application from the Google Play Store won’t work. Let’s look at how to do it right.

Standard dual app function

This feature is present in many phones, but not all of them. So there’s a chance you may not find it.

Keep in mind that this function has many names. Depending on the phone model it may be: Dual App, Dual Messenger, Clone App, Parallel Apps, or App Twin.

How to use it:

  • go to your phone’s Settings,
  • proceed to Advanced Features, and find Dual Messenger there,
  • flip the Viber’s switch, and tap on “Install” when prompted,
  • now launch the second instance of Viber, and confirm your phone number in order to sign in or sign up.

Third-party programs

If you don’t have a built-in dual app function in your phone, you can always use of these applications:

  • 2Accounts,
  • Parallel Space,
  • Dual Space,
  • Clone App,
  • DO Multiple Space,
  • Multiple Accounts: Dual Space
  • App Cloner.

They all can be found in Google Play. Just go to the store, find any of these (or similar) apps, download and install it. They all work pretty much in the same fashion.

Now let’s look at how to clone Viber in Parallel Space:

  • Launch the app, and accept its terms and conditions,
  • Among available applications find Viber,
  • Select Viber, tap on Add, and confirm your action,
  • The shortcut for Viber clone should be created automatically.

As you can see on your phone’s desktop, now you have two Viber shortcuts slightly different in appearance.

Now you can work in two programs, either one at a time or simultaneously. And technically, you can create more clones, two is not the limit.

You can create an unlimited number of Viber instances on one device.

How to run two Viber accounts on one phone

Once you’ve cloned Viber, all that’s left to do is set up and run two accounts. Each account is linked to a different mobile operator number, and it is not necessary for the phone to have two sim card slots. A second SIM card can be inserted into another phone, even a pushbutton phone. You only need to confirm the specified phone number with an activation code (sent via SMS or call).

So, you now have two Viber icons on your phone, you need to register for your phone number in the usual way, confirm it and set up a profile. Personal information can both be the same and different. Contacts from the phone book will be shared with the messenger automatically. However, if you register one of the profiles by the phone number, sim card of which is in another phone, respectively, contacts will be taken from this device. As for the interface and the set of features, they will be identical in both applications.

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